For personal injury compensation claims, you can contact us here at E Lee Lawyers for a free first consultation. We will help you better understand your rights and the law and we will also take the time to listen and understand what you’ve been going through. 

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We will listen closely to you and gather all the relevant facts to help you seek fair compensation. We will make the entire process as smooth as possible to somehow lighten the burden you’ve been carrying all along. 

Our team and Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law can give you professional and personalised legal assistance. You will benefit from our legal expertise and years of experience in securing fair compensation for injuries, whether it happened at work, road or a public place. 

Through the years, we’ve helped clients defend their rights and seek fair compensation in the following: 

If it’s due to someone else’s fault or negligence, you might be entitled to compensation that will be paid for by a public liability insurer, local Council or other party. If the opposing party is trying to minimise or invalidate your claim, we can also take action and use our legal expertise to make it all fair to you. 

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When we take the case, the claim might cover the following costs: 

This can help take away the financial burden that resulted from an unfortunate incident. Whether it happened at a residential, a shop near Beamish Street, Amy Street or Evaline Street, or a light industrial area somewhere along the Canterbury Road, this unfortunate incident might have led to an extremely painful experience or permanent outcome. Fair financial compensation can take away some of that burden and perhaps help you to transition to a new role or journey. 

Contact us today if it’s about a personal injury compensation claim. Here at E Lee Lawyers, we will listen closely to you and work hard to help you defend your rights.