Despite being extremely careful in this constantly busy Inner West suburb, you still got into an accident because of someone else’s fault or negligence. It’s unfair and because of what happened, you might have to face some long-term consequences. In addition, medical expenses and income loss can quickly add up and cause a major financial problem. 

Compensation lawyer Croydon 

We’re here to help you seek fair compensation that might cover your medical expenses, income loss and other costs (compensation for pain and suffering, help with household duties). 

Here at E Lee Lawyers, we will handle the case with utmost care and sensitivity. We will listen closely to you, gather more facts and help you secure supporting evidence. Our aim here is to help you achieve the best outcome in your legal matter. 

Here, we have an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law, as recognised by the Law Society of NSW. In addition, we have gained several years of experience in helping clients secure fair compensation for the following: 

We have also worked on claims that involve total and permanent disability as well as assaults and battery. Our legal team also have the specialised knowledge and experience in helping victims of physical or sexual abuse while under the care of an institution or Government department secure fair compensation. 

Personal injury and work injury damages claims Croydon 

Aside from handling the case with excellence and efficiency, we also handle legal matters with personalised attention and care.  

From our years of experience, we always see that each case is unique and that each client is undergoing a unique set of circumstances. As a result, we take the time in listening to clients and helping them better understand the law and their rights. We also take the time in helping clients understand the entire process and fully connect with the case. 

In your case, we’ll also take time in understanding all the facets of what happened. We will handle the entire legal matter with empathy and sensitivity. Our aim here is to somehow ease the burden you’ve been carrying by helping you secure fair compensation that might cover your income loss and medical expenses. 

Contact us today here at E Lee Lawyers for a competent legal service. Here, we offer “no win, no fee” agreements (conditions apply) and the first consultation is free.