Do you want to know whether you’re entitled to seek compensation for your injury? We can answer that question here at E Lee Lawyers. We’ll first listen to you and understand the circumstances of your injury and accident. 

If you’re indeed entitled to seek compensation, we can assist you in lodging your claim and negotiating about the settlement. If the claim is successful, which can be paid for by CTP or public liability insurer depending on the circumstances, this may cover your medical expenses, income losses and other related costs incurred because of your injury and recovery. 

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Is there a time limit on personal injury claims? Time limits might apply, which is why after the accident, it’s crucial that you consult a lawyer and learn more about how you can better understand and defend your rights. 

Aside from helping you better understand your rights and assisting you with lodging your claim, we can also help you secure important evidence to support your claim. We can assist in gathering evidence from security camera footage as well as statements from witnesses, medical professionals and other relevant experts. 

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Our professional legal team, including our Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law, assists in the following claims: 

If an agreement can’t be reached between you and the other party even after lengthy discussions and negotiations, we may take the case to Court and provide you with legal representation if necessary. 

Our role here at E Lee Lawyers is to listen to you and help you better understand and defend your rights. We’ll use our specialisation in Personal Injury Law so that you will have a strong claim and that you’ll know your full legal options. If the claim is successful, this can significantly lighten your burden that was caused by the unfortunate accident.