Suffered an injury on public premises or due to a property owner’s oversight in Lilyfield? Was it due to someone else’s fault? Have you incurred medical costs or lost wages as a result? 

If you’ve answered ‘yes’, you may be eligible to pursue a public liability claim. E Lee Lawyers offers a free initial consultation to discuss your situation. 

Lilyfield compensation lawyers 

Immediate legal advice post-incident is vital due to the potential limitations on the time allowed to file a claim. 

At E Lee Lawyers, we’re proactive in advocating for you, aiding in the accumulation of crucial evidence like CCTV recordings and eyewitness accounts. 

Public liability compensation could include: 

Motor vehicle accident claims in Lilyfield 

Our expertise extends beyond public liability to motor accident claims. Successful claims may lead to CTP insurers compensating for medical treatments and lost wages. 

It’s imperative to seek legal counsel promptly post-accident due to time-sensitive claim processes. E Lee Lawyers can outline all legal avenues and facilitate your claim and negotiations with the CTP insurer. 

Our comprehensive legal services also cover: 

At E Lee Lawyers, we prioritise making legal processes transparent for you, ensuring you fully comprehend your rights while we diligently understand your unique circumstances.