Have you sustained injuries from a traffic mishap or due to the oversight of another party, either in a communal space or on private premises? If you answered yes, you may qualify in filing a compensation claim. Our team at E Lee Lawyers is ready to guide you through your legal optionsand the potential success of your claim. 

Public liability claims in Marrickville 

Such claims can arise from incidents like: 

A successful claim could potentially reimburse: 

It’s important to consult with an attorney promptly post-incident potentially due to the time limits to file a claim. 

Motor vehicle accident and other claims Marrickville 

Our legal specialist, accredited by the Law Society of NSW, and our skilled team also provide support in claims related to: 

We offer comprehensive assistance, from filing your claim to discussions with insurers, and if necessary, court representation. Our team is also adept at collecting crucial evidence to bolster your claim. 

Reach out to E Lee Lawyers for a thoughtful and detailed understanding of your rights and the legal proceedings. We are here to listen and support you through the complexities of your claim.