If you’re injured because of someone’s negligence, whether in a public place or someone’s property, you might be able to file a claim. If the claim is successful, this could be enough to cover your medical costs and other expenses (conditions apply). 

Compensation lawyer Mortlake 

Here at E Lee Lawyers, we’ll assist you in filing the claim as well as help you better understand and defend your rights. We’ll also assist you with the offer and settlement. Every step of the way, we’ll always be there for you actively protecting your rights and helping you secure a favourable outcome. 

Seeking legal assistance is important as soon as possible, especially because after a certain time period you might not be able to file the claim. Also, timely legal assistance can also make it easier to secure solid evidence that will support your claim. 

Some examples of incidents that may results in claims are: 

Those incidents fall under public liability claims, where the claim will be paid for by the public liability insurer (they usually cover supermarkets, shopping centres and other public entities). 

What your claims may cover 

The amount of compensation will depend on the circumstances and evidence of your case. The amount might be able to cover your: 

Aside from public liability, we also assist in the following claims: 

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